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When we first set out to decide our next location to set up our cleaning facilities we decided that our family owned business could do more service and help more people by founding ourselves as a Fort Myers Crime scene cleanup business. Within the city limits of over 66,000 residents and a large number of vacationers as well as our close proximity to be able to help the citizens of Cape Coral Florida, Whiskey Creek, Page Park, East Dunbar, and St. Petersburg Florida allow us to be able to help this entire segment of Florida with services for cleaning up blood. As a family owned and operated business we are known as Crime Scene Cleanup Fort Myers, but we have a long standing history in the community helping people clean several kinds of death scenes that are not crimes. Statistically we have fewer then 50 murders a year in this part of Ft. Myers and perhaps including St. Petersburg we are closer to 100 murders a year, but that is obviously not the majority of our work. When people hire us they hire on crime scene cleaners for a variety of circumstances involving blood or death clean up in throughout Florida.

In fact we are very proud to be a prominent company in the area to help families dealing with a suicide. Although we compassionately understand the tragedy and trauma your family is going through, we also know that during the grieving process the last things a parent should be expected to do is clean up blood from a suicide. So many families and property management companies will contact us for Suicide Cleanup in Ft. Myers Florida as well as St. Petersburg. When we perform a suicide clean up in the region we are considered to be one of the best companies to call because of our advanced network of certified crime scene clean up technicians we provide on-call 24 hrs a day. This allows us to give families dealing with a suicide, support round the clock for cleanup in Fort Myers and cities between Ft. Myers and St. Petersburg. When a suicide happens by gun shot, the shooting allows a lot of blood splatter to accumulate in the area where the dead body is discovered, this requires comprehensive knowledge of how to clean up blood and high quality chemicals that sanitize the property so the bacteria from the blood and possible viruses are eliminated from the property, making for a safe environment for family members returning to the home or apartment.

We also deal with natural death clean up. This is not what you imagine when you thing of crime scene cleaning, but the term crime scene again rarely applies to the situation. When a person dies, we imagine them dying with family nearby who will notice the death fast, or perhaps in a hospital. Due to health problems and how far family can live from one another these days, this is not the case anymore. More often then ever before we are seeing a increase in unattended death clean up in Ft. Myers and St. Petersburg. This is primarily due to when a person dies and the dead body is not discovered for a period of time the corpse will go into rigor mortis. Gases in the body which are created from decomposed inner body tissue and organs releasing gasses will eventually cause the corpse to bloat and spill out the blood and inner belongings of the dead person. This blood clean up must be dealt with in the same manner that crime scene cleaners deal with a homicide or a suicide. Our knowledge of blood and cleaning up hazardous debris allows us to do the very best work for unattended death cleanup.

Do you accept insurance for crime scene cleanup in Ft Myers?

We do, we try to work with insurance to help reduce or eliminate the costs for crime scene cleaning for families.

Can you help people cleanup blood after a industrial accident?

Yes, we know how to work with OSHA and can help decontaminate equipment and the scene of the accident.

Do you clean up tear gas in Ft Myers and St. Petersburg?

We do a lot of tear gas clean up, and understand how to properly remove this residue from your home. We are very thorough and many people complain about other companies not completing a job and still finding tear gas in their homes after clean up was done. This has never happened to us in our history of doing tear gas cleanup in Ft Myers or St. Petersburg.

Will your company do hoarding clean up in Fort Myers and Saint Petersburg?

We sure do, we have done a lot of hoarders homes, and have a firm understanding of what extreme cleaning has to be done to do a hoarding clean up or clean out. When dealing with a hoarders home you must be careful of both the scene objects and garbage but also and more importantly the unseen. Under the rubble can be unseen diabetic needs, syringes, human feces and a host of other hazards which requires a professional eye for the hoarding clean up and the sanitizing of the home after the cleaning is completed. All of this can be done by our highly trained and certified cleaners.

Do you cleanup up sewage back up problems in Florida?

Yes, a common job that we are called to help with is sewage backup cleanup in the Ft Myers and St Petersburg area and for good reason. The sewage and septic backup problems are very hazardous and should only be cleaned by professionals with the right protective clothing and knowledge of how to clean the sewage up. We can not only cleanup sewage back up problems but we can provide odor elimination protocols that will allow you to not even know anything ever happened.

What is the costs in hiring crime scene cleanup Ft. Myers?

Our family owned business strives to ensure high quality cleaning and low cost crime scene cleanup. Each job is different even if they are the same type. A suicide cleanup involving a shot gun can be more time invasive with more blood splatter then a suicide by handgun, but not always is this even the case. For us to evaluate your situation and provide you with a estimate for crimes scene cleaning, we need you to contact us so we can get a better overall sense of what your situation is. The good news is we operate a 24 hour business and this means you are welcome to call us at any time to get answers to your questions and cleaners to your home in Ft. Myers, St. Petersburg or many of the other communities in Florida that we can send our crime scene cleaners to.


I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

John Smith
Business Consultant

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